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Central Committee of STIA 2018-2020

A Central Committee consisting of the following office bearers shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual Delegates Conference and such election shall be held biennially. Three branches, i.e. Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Tawau, elect their delegates at their respective Annual General Meetings to attend the "Delegates Conference". The Central Committee is presided by the President with proportionate representation from the branches according to their membership strength.

Mr. Chua Yeong Perng

Mr. Tan Peng Juan

Mr. Joseph Fong Hen Vun

Mr. Alfred Yong Chin Keong

Mr. Sia Mee Kuong

Mr. Fong Ming San

Mr. Wong See Ming
  • Madam Linda Loh Siew Lian
  • Mr. Ong Huang Peng
  • Mr. Wong Thart Sin
  • Mr. Quek Siew Wah
  • Mr. Raymond Chiew Vui Leong
  • Mr. Tang Kie Chiew
  • Madam Fonny Tsen Lip Fon
  • Mdm. Nancy Chia Tau Kin
  • Mr. Stephen Chaw Zie Shing
  • Mr. Wilson Tan Kok Tiong
  • Mr. Tommy Low Chaan Lim