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Friday, March 23, 2018




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Branch Committee of STIA 2016-2018

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Branch Committee
The duties of the Branch Committee shall be to manage the affairs of the branch in accordance with the Rules of the Association and the instructions of the Central Committee. The Branch Committee consisting of the following, who shall serve a term of office for two years as office bearers shall be elected biennially at the Branch Annual General Meeting:-

  • A Branch Chairman
  • A Branch Vice-Chairman
  • A Branch Secretary
  • A Branch Assistant Secretary
  • A Branch Treasurer
  • A Branch Assistant Treasurer
  • Six Ordinary Committee Members

Branch Kota Kinabalu Sandakan Tawau
Chairman Datuk James Hwong You Chuaang Mr. Fong Hen Vun Mr. Chua Yeong Perng
Vice Chairman Mr. Tan Peng Juan Mdm Fonny Tsen Lip Fon Ms. Linda Loh Siew Lian
Secretary Mr. Stephen Chaw Zie Shing Mr. Wilson Tan Kok Tiong Mr. Raymond Chiew Vui Leong
Treasurer Mr. Fong Ming San Mr. Tang Kie Chiew Mr. Quek Siew Wah
Asst. Secretary Mr. Ong Huang Peng Mr. Sheak Sai Wah Mr. Wong Thart Sin
Asst. Treasurer Mr. Junior Loy Mr. Jacky Chan Yuk Woh Mr. Voo Ting Sang

Committee Members
Kota Kinabalu Sandakan Tawau
Madam Nancy Chia
Mr. Sia Mee Kuong
Mr. Ricky Lim Keck Hwa
Mr. Richard Yong
Mr. Gan Ka Wei

Mr. Thomas Chu Tat Sing
Mr. Victor Xavier
Mr. Ho Khen Khiong
Mr. Hung Kuang Ching
Mr. Tommy Low Chaan Lim
Mr. Wong Hee Kuai

Mr. Chok Syn Yu
En. Omar Bin Bachora
Mr. Peter Chin Yeet Soon
Mr. Chang Nyuk Tshin
Mr. Chen Yung Pin
En. Mohammad Ab. Samat


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