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About STIA

Sabah Timber Industries Association STIA, (formerly known as the Sabah Sawmilling Industries Association) was formed on 28 March, 1981 and was incorporated in the year 1983.

This Association changed its name to Sabah Timber Industries Association (STIA) in 1993 to reflect more accurately the composition of our membership which now encompasses all sectors of timber industries, such as a sawmilling, plywood manufacturing, veneer manufacturing, moulding, kiln-drying, finger-joint, laminated board, particle board, wood preservation, blockboard making, furniture, timber panels products, timber traders and exporters.

STIA's Central Office is located on the 1st Floor, Lot 25 & 26, Block E, Phase III, Damai Plaza, Luyang Commercial Centre. STIA has two district offices located in Sandakan and Tawau.


  • To promote and maintain understanding and good fellowship among its members
  • To support, protect and promote the interest of the downstream wood processing industries and other related traders
  • To co-operate and complement the government in the formulation and implementation of the timber processing industries policy.
  • To foster and maintain understanding and good relationship between downstream wood processing producers and exporters and other relatives traders.
  • To affiliate to any organisations with similar objectives and aims within and outside Sabah, Malaysia
  • To sponsor, organise, promote, take part in or hold either, alone or jointly with other associations, clubs or persons, meetings, competitions, trade missions of any nature which is related with the processing industries and to promote, give or support dinners or recreation.
  • The Association shall be non-political.