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Executive Committee of STIA 2024-2026

An Executive Committee consisting of the following, who shall be termed the Executive office bearers of the Association shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting and such election shall be held biennially:

Mr. Tan Peng Juan

Mr. Rahman Khan

Mr. Tu Kui Foh

Mr. Sia Mee Kuong

Mr. Gan Ka Wei

Mr. Alfred Yong Chin Keong

Mr. Wong See Ming
  • Mr. Wilson Tan
  • Mr. Chua Yeong Perng
  • Mr. Endera Yusuf Amah
  • Mr. Ong Huang Peng
  • Mr. Tommy Low Chaan Lim
  • Mr. Lee Lye Soon
  • Mr. Ho Fung Shan
  • Mr. Liew Tzun Tzet
  • Mr. Tang Kie Chiew
  • Mr. Ag. Zaidun Bin Ag.Taip
  • Mr. Mr Lee Tsz Chan